⚔ Amazing Opportunity! High-ranking fun & casual guild Final Fantasy seeking new members of all levels! (12/30)

Final Fantasy is a high-ranking (#163, GW bracket 19) guild with a laid-back attitude and low requirements. We’ve lost a lot of members recently, and we’re looking to fill the empty spots with active, enthusiastic players.

Who we are:

We’re a once-proud and mighty guild whose members realized that being proud and mighty and climbing to the top of the rankings just wasn’t any fun anymore. Instead of burning out, they decided to chill out, and Final Fantasy became the relaxed, casual guild it is today. Only a few of those original heroes are still playing the game, but we are grateful for their hard work and sacrifice.

Who we are looking for:

You! If you are:

  • A top-level player who is burning out trying to meet your current guild’s requirements
  • A newbie who is looking for a guild that will nurture you and help you level up
  • A player of any level who wants an active guild that gets a lot of guild tasks and event rewards but who doesn’t want to sacrifice your personal life grinding for seals and trophies

Our requirements:

  • 500 seals + 100k gold, OR 1000 seals
  • Participation in Guild Wars events

No trophies are required. We don’t use Discord. Participation in invasions, sieges, and towers is appreciated, but optional. And, of course, we’ll let you out of requirements for the week if real life gets in the way.

What you will get:

Because our requirements are low, and we’re low on members, we’re not going to hit the same level of rewards as other high-ranking guilds. We’re still going to net you a lot, though.

  • We generally achieve two or three guardians maxed out by the end of the week, which means a bunch of diamonds and a few hundred gems. We have managed a few legendary tasks some weeks, but it’s rare.
  • When we had more members, we hit the 20k seals mark most weeks, and could achieve 40k on mythic weeks if we saved up our clan orbs and all used them at once. With your help, we can get there again.
  • We usually get about 3/4 of the way through the rewards for other events, netting a vault key, multiple orbs, and some celestial traitstones.

What you need to do:

  • Reply to this post or message me (Syzygy).
  • Have fun!

Hi @Syzygy, I’ve sent you a PM