Amanithrax map fix

Please change map so there are more than 1 path that leads to boss room and make the path with less room to battle.
Currently, you need to win 3 room ( not counting initial room) to get to boss. Please make it 1.
Why ? Pure delve faction amanithrax troop is ineffective in certain rooms.
Room with undead and dwarves are immune to disease. How do you expect amanithrax troop to perform when it is their basic skill ? Cant even transform with fungomancer if disease doesnt work.
At least with less room to battle, there is less chance to meet those immune troops.
And amanithrax troops need rework because none of them heal … And mushrooms heal and expand everywhere :slight_smile:

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Same problem exists in Fang Moor, The Warrens, Sea of Sorrows…

So… I too thought initially that Fungomancer would be the key when I read the Amanithrax troop descriptions. It’s not. King Gobtruffle is, because he can loop the enemy to death, especially if you bring multiple copies of him and an enchant potion.

Not every faction is supposed to be easy to wrap.

There’s a couple of easy factions out there, for everyone to wrap up.