Am i the only with these issues

I have two issues first, i’m level 22 now and haven’t recieved an attribute increase since level 19 is that normal. Also I’ve tried mastering the conquest challenge at the broken spire about 20 times now. It never fails about 7 out of 10 turns 3 skulls drop or a number of skulls drop perfectly for them to do damage to me is it set up this way or am i just getting boned repeatedly

Issue 1: probably… there is a schedule to getting the stat bonuses… sorry, can’t find at your level but did find this showing the pattern later…

Hero leveling stats are fixed. There is currently nowhere that a full list exists.
I do know what all of them are at 50+, but not previous to that:

Magic: 50, 100, 500
Life: 60, 90 200, 750
Armor: 70, 150, 400
Attack: 80, 300, 1000

Basically it really slows down as you level up…

Issue 2: sorry, bad luck sometimes happens, and we all have a memory biased to obsessing over it… been some time since I did those challenges (over a year, probably!) but I don’t recall any being unbeatable… maybe come back when you are stronger…

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I was thinking about doing that so went to my next quest and the game crashed. And at level 22 my character stats are 12 heath 5 attack 7 armor and 3 magic

I just checked our level up table and your stats for level 22 are correct.


could you show me where I find the level up table?

The level table is not publicly available.
The staff are keeping it all to themselves and leaving us users to do the grunt work for info!

GoW Team, why ya’ gotta do us like this!! :weary:

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Thanks guys

Waaa :cry: