Am I the only one who cares about the Ruby Giant?

Does it seriously not bother anyone else this guy has no leg? Why on earth didn’t we finish drawing this troop?!


He lost his leg in the ruby wars but doesn’t like to talk about it.

He’s creating giant ruby gems in hopes that he can one day restore his leg but sadly there is always someone destroying the gems or matching them away.

It’s quite sad.


It’s an epic troop, the LEG budget is only fully available for LEGendary troops. :clown_face:



Funny, but his leg is bending. Even if his foot were to be drawn at the lower end above his right thigh it will still look funny, and with the foot extending out from that position it will look awkward like he’s been using viagra, making the foot look like something that should be censored.

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This might be the original idea, but no knee looks like that. Also we would have a feet at the end of that leg, but no.

He used to be an adventurer like you…

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He took an arrow to the knee…

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The easiest solution is to draw his left ankle extending downwards at a roughly 6-7 o’clock angle.

This isn’t the only troop to have bad composition in its art though – Mechamare has a really bad case of its front left leg aligning tangent to its overall chest/neck contour, so while it is technically drawn, it’s really hard to notice at card scale.

It’s a crystal :sweat_smile:

The ankle solution works (but some might pick at that as well :sweat_smile:) but it works. 6 o’ clock for me tho.

No this isn’t the only troop, I’ve seen others as well. As an artist I’m just trying to sympathize. :sunglasses:

Don’t worry, I am an artist too.

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