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Am I the only one that thinks Kingdom specific raid troops are BS?

I really think it’s a very stupid idea limiting the troops to fight a raid boss with one specific kingdom? Especially since Shentang is BRAND NEW…and frankly the troops suck so far…this needs to open up a bit more…the single kingdom raids…Nope.

Next ones glacial peaks… I think shetang will look pretty good after that

that’s horrendous…and I’d have to agree

Complain enough about lack of event keys and this is what you get, an entire event geared around collecting a specific kingdoms troops.

Careful what you wish for, it can be a killer lol

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if there was more diversity to this event, it would be amazing…IF.

I think the prob is

We have very little balance when it comes to troop design. If all the kingdom’s had troops that fill all the major roles needed it wouldn’t be as bad, but this has never been an issue and now the lack of a diverse troop pool is a big problem for raid events.

As long as you use the hero and godslayer, the other two troops just need to be half decent. With shentang we’re lucky we have a troop that can enchant on 4 or 5 matches and a few that can loop. I like the kingdom a lot more than i thought i would. I can see what they’re doing thematically, gw are colors, invasions are troop types, and raids are kingdom specific. I get it, but i also see a lot of future kingdoms and types that will make us long for shentang week. And i am by no means defending raids, i hate them, make no mistake.

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Some kingdoms don’t have enough tools. The hero is intended to be the buffer to this to round out teams, but the hero is just plain terrible at certain roles and among the best at others, so it is really a non-choice at the moment. Some troop types may round out the options where you have more than a few choices, but when enemies stats get so high you basically have to use damage nullification (barrier, lucky skull dodges) and 1:1 scaling based on the enemy stats (basically, mang, though there are some others like Warlord’s Battlecry and some other mechanics like charm) with careful play to get anywhere, since even if you use your godslayer on the boss, the trash cleanup takes forever.

Shentang had a mana loop and some of the best long-match scaling troops that currently exist period. Glacial Peaks lack of consistent board mod or most of the tools that I’d want to bring into a raid boss giving total reliance on getting the right gem drops at the right time sounds pretty unfun. All of Glaical Peaks, including the spoiler troops, don’t have the means to just clear out even the level low 200s trash in a reasonable amount of time, which leaves the hero with an enemy scaling weapon and a godslayer and two other troops that you hope can be useful as fodder. This could very well, in turn, leave many raids feeling “samey” if none of the kingdom’s troops have anything real to contribute to the fight other than “maybe the boss will annhiliate them instead of the useful troop” or “they can take or maybe dodge a skull hit and don’t block the useful mana colors”.

Too early to tell at this point, but I think it might be best need to expand the pools beyond just “one kingdom” in addition to expanding the pool of viable hero weapons to keep the experience fresh. Also, something needs to be done about the design of the raid weapons. They are basically unusable in raids as the risk side amounts to the cast can just cost you the game straight out, while the benefit side gets you at most some mana on your troops, an extra turn, and less than 50 damage.

They could also consider drastically reducing the stats of the trash enemies while keeping the boss big and imposing. This would help both speed along the content and allow more troops to actually contribute something.

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They can’t scale the trash enemies too much because they’re the obstacle in front of the boss,however I think their attack gets a little ridiculous when 2 skulls can kill you,and i’m over level 1000,I can’t imagine the trouble any lower level players have. It’s suppose to be tough I guess,I’m having fun with my guild playing raids. They could include another kingdom you could use along side the one you have to use,or something like that. I know they’ll be kingdoms we’ll be forced to use that won’t be so fun to use in raids. I will also say that I don’t think they can make it too easy. It’s another game mode they’ve introduced,and we should appreciate that. They’re testing the waters,seeing what works,and the devs here are good at helping out the players as much as possible after a new feature is released. They listen,and they are willing to make certain changes that aren’t working in the community.

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Maybe they should include Hero’s as a boss troop so they may still be useable after the event.