Always getting kicked from guilds

I have been playing Gems of Wars over the past 3-4 years but I have noticed I am getting kicked from a guild on an almost weekly basis for the past year. Is there any reason for this? like an automatic kicking option?

I am level 1090 or something and play the game every single day and play as much as I can although I do not have the time to do every single thing in the game now every week.

The last straw was getting kicked today after being in the guild for one day.

I have only been making a note of the guilds I have been kicked out of in the last few months but these include:

The Gamer’s Gang
Dead Teddy Bears 2
kattus92 PL
All hail Skittles!
lord of beasts
Dizzy Team

I have even been doing the requirements each week and still been kicked.

You can try Elite Knights… we only kick people if they don’t play a minimal amount to contribute.

Sometimes lack of communication can be a reason people are kicked from guilds, regardless of whether you are completing all requirements. Requirements may not just be gold, souls and trophies shown on the guild roster, but may also be a certain requirement in weekly events, guild wars score, dooms earned, towers killed etc.

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Also I know you aren’t allowed to call out other players specific names, so not sure what the rules are on calling out a specific guild, so I would just be mindful of that. @Saltypatra

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If you aren’t in a Discord so you can be warned/ask why you were kicked, then probably the problem is you’re just joining random guilds. They’re godless heathens and work by their own rules. This weekend, join one of the guilds who recruits on the forums. There are a lot of them, and they demonstrably know how to interact with human beings.


I haven’t heard of those guilds, but you should try to find a good guild on the forums that is recruiting.
Try to keep your reputation untarnished as some guilds will not recruit if you have a bad name.

Many of the guild families (multi-guild under one roof) require discord to chat and get ahead.
Discord is a great resource for sharing information and I highly recommend using it for this game.
Also there are other resources you can find online that your guild should give you links for.

Here is a link to the (unofficial) GOW Community Discord Server.
Please be respectful, as you would here of community members. :sparkling_heart:

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Well got kicked from another guild despite me working really hard over the last week or two to donate.

Do the people who create the guild just like kicking people out of the guilds without warning? always happens on a Sunday night!

Sunday is normal for guild movement, because reset is Monday.

Maybe it is because you didn’t hit the trophy count?
Anything that appears red on the roster means you haven’t completed the weekly request (apart from the events which can’t be highlighted at this stage).


I agree with Fiara your low trophy count is most likely the cause of you being kicked.

When joining somewhere it may be better for you to ask when the guild leader checks requirements have been met. Some guild leaders will not check right before reset and will check the night before reset due to time zones.

You also said in your OP you play daily, 122 trophies in a week is very minimal play time in the current state of the game.

My advice would be find a guild that doesn’t have a trophy requirement. If you help out in events I know a guild you could join that has a 0 trophy requirement providing you help with events.
My PSN is LeaKay- add me if you would like to learn more about the guild.

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As far as I know DizzyTeam was Russian speaking team previously and their contribution demands are way too high. And yes, I agree with @Fiara, the most probable reason for being kicked was not reaching the guild requirements

Maybe…but he did much more than one of the guys below him lol.


This thread seems to border on ‘callout’ territory.

Maybe if the OP had tried to communicate more with the various guild leaders and actually fulfil weekly targets/reqs then none of this would be necessary?

Try to join active guilds, not joining random guilds (if that’s what you did).

Also communicate with the GM what you are able to do and ask what their req’s & when they are due.

This removes a lot of the guess work with good communication.

I’d recommend a guild that uses discord so you can text chat and share information with your guild and use teamwork to get more things accomplished as well as share strategies etc.

Pay attention on the guild chat.

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I agree with the rest about your trophy count however you need to understand something minimum requirements. They are called minimums because it is the least amount you are required to do for your guild but minimum requirements really are a double edge sword. Just because you do the minimums doesn’t mean your position within your guild is a guaranteed spot. A lot of guild leaders want to see you take initiative to do more. Doing only the minimums shows me that your just along for the ride, while my better players are dropping millions on gold, maxing out seals, and dropping thousands of trophies a week. So when a new player comes knocking touting their skill sets and contribution amounts we tend to browse over the I do my minimums section if we’re full up to drop you to make room the new guy.

Only join a guild after speaking with the GM and going over what the guild wants and you can provide. Communication is key and min reqs are labeled. If any new joiner does not meet that weeks reqs they are immediately booted. If you have been with a guild a while you will rise in rank and if missed you will be demoted before being booted in good guilds.

Free the players too- a guild is a combo of players - a dictator wont keep players- some consensus is needed- your right always communicate but as equals -otherwise whats the point - leave before they kick you