Alternative VIP Points Obtaining Methods

Will there ever be opportunities to earn VIP points by other means aside from spending money? Things such as:

  • Guides and community related activity
  • Sacrificing large amounts of gems (which would also allow people to buy gems, gaining VIP, then using those gems to power level VIP)
  • Certain hard to obtain in game milestones (Level 500, level 1,000, 100+ troops, 150+ troops, etc.)
  • As possible seasonal rewards for PvP for people with very large amounts of invasion wins
  • Weekly challenges (kind of like PS4 version) in which the reward for completion of the full array could include something like 1 VIP point (i.e. 20 cents worth of VIP)
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This isn’t a bad idea, and could actually help spending. If a regular f2p player is close to a vip rank increase they might just bite the bullet and spend some money.

While I would gladly see those extra opportunities, I think getting “free” VIP points is missing the point of the whole VIP idea.

exactly :grinning:

Most games with a VIP system do add alternative means of gaining very minimal VIP increase for reasons similar to what Machiknight said:

The other main reason is to increase game activity. If a game gives out cents worth of rewards to increase activity by an additional hour or two, that seems like a good trade off.

It certainly doesn’t seem like the suggestions above offer more than just a taste of VIP, and for a handful of difficult tasks. And once you do get some VIP points, and see what rewards it offers, maybe it will entice more people to open their wallets. I think it’s a good, it just makes those milestones, like level or troop number, feel more significant. I just reached level 200 (finally!) and it feels pretty good. Imagine getting an in-game reward for hitting 500! Not just a stat bonus, but a VIP acknowledgement! Certainly anybody who reaches that level of play ought to be treated like a VIP.

Many games offer temporary VIP bonuses for new players. I guess this works rather well considering how wide-spread it is. I could definetly see it work although it might be difficult to implement temporary VIP status with the current VIP point system.