Allow us to craft orbs with diamonds

Currently, orbs are so difficult to get, nobody is going to be able to craft Zhuul’Goth for well over a year, unless they place first on the boss invasion/tower leaderboards a few times. The amount of orbs required is currently so ridiculous I can’t imagine anyone is realistically expecting to get Zhuul’Goth unless something is changed by the devs at this point to make him easier to get.

Since the patch was released, my guild has maxed the rewards for closing portals. I have 1/3 of the orbs required to craft an orb of power, and that was getting lucky with one being an orb of growth, since those are for all intents and purposes uncraftable since nobody is going to want to accumulate 20 in order to craft them. Orbs of growth are their own problem and certainly need to be changed to provide 5 levels and only needing 4 to craft an orb of growth. Otherwise we are going to eventually all be resource limited by orbs of growth to construct orbs of power by virtue of them taking 5x more orbs to craft a major orb of growth than the other types.

A way to make this goal a somewhat realistic thing for players is to make orbs available for diamonds. Players can already craft a mythic with 4000 diamonds, so players really wanting to craft Zhuul’Goth can forego diamonds for a mythic and just craft orbs with them until they get enough.

I’d recommend us only being able to craft the lowest level orb with diamonds so we have to craft the rest using the current formulas. I would make orbs of growth much cheaper than other orbs by virtue of us needing 20 of them, or otherwise make the change I recommended above and make them the same price as all other orbs.

I hesitate to put a price on an orb but if 4000 diamonds is one mythic troop, then maybe 16,000 diamonds required for all the orbs to craft 8 orbs of power, making Zhull’Goth about 4x harder to get than any other mythic in the forge. That would still take many months of saving up resources (not to mention potentially foregoing crafting more useful troops) but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel with those requirements.


Yes please. They gave diamonds as a new resource, then didn’t even release another mythic that was craftable by diamonds. I still feel a bit cheated with this. I can’t believe I spend actual cash, not to mention thousands of gems stockpiling diamonds for nothing. I’ve got about 10K diamonds and nothing to do with them. I stopped fully ascending legendaries, just so I’d have something to spend diamonds on.

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As an update since you bumped this, I STILL have not been able to craft even 1 orb of power. I am still 1 orb of ascension away from being able to craft the final major orb of ascension needed for my first orb of power.

At a bare minimum they need to change the rates so you are equally likely to get an orb of ascension as you are the orb that allows you to trait things (forget the name). I have gotten way more of those disproportionately compared to the number of orbs of ascension. Orbs or ascension are a huge, huge bottleneck for being able to craft orbs of power. At this rate it’s going to be more like 2 years, not 1, to get Zhul’Goth without paying massive amounts of gems to get to the top of the leaderboards during events.

I paid thousands of extra gems to get on the leaderboard a number of times and my guild (TUF: Power Gems) finished every event ever. Although, we’re not going to finish raid boss anymore because that mode isn’t fun. I’ve also dropped 20K gems to level up most of the pets to get a bunch more orbs that way.

After all that, I’ve crafted 2 power orbs.
I’ve got 6 major orbs of growth, 6 major orbs of wisdom and no ascension orbs of any type. I’ve only ever received 2 major ascension orbs ever, the rest of the 2 power orbs was all minor ascension orbs I crafted. So ascension orbs are the only orbs that matter.

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I’m just as you, got many wisdow and growth orbs but no blue Orbs, in total i could only craft two orbs of power too they need to fix the drop rate of blue orbs or allow us to craft some !!

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