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Allow one reroll for the Chaos Orbs for VIP 4 players

Greetings, developers!

Please, include the option to reroll all Chaos Orbs, once. (Cost: Free or 50 Gems max.)

If you’re a VIP 4 status player:

  • allowing you one reroll action for the Chaos Orbs that you get from events only.
    (It would only be available when you collected all the Stage rewards from the ongoing Event.)

This suggestion is aimed to help a player, for example, if he’s not getting any blue orbs.
With this in mind, there’s a chance that it may get lucky enough, but only if he’s been patient enough to collect all the rewards at once, not several intervals.

Please, note, I’ll say it again:
It’s obvious that risking a reroll when you have several orbs of your choice could change the orbs that you want to keep, so this is a double-edged sword that should only be used when you get 0 luck or not a single orb you wanted.

One additional downside is that you can only use this feature when you collect all rewards at once or when all reward stages are fully completed.

Kind regards,
Bronka / Koromac [Mean Machine]


I would love this…

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Never gonna happen, especially now that chaos orbs are offered in Daily Deals.

Would give rise to even more ‘pay to win’ complaints.

Also, why only VIP 4+ ? Surely if the devs/publishers were to implement this, I think they would be targeting those that were willing to spend much more to progress?

At 200 gems.

And a 200 gem reroll costs the devs would consider brilliant and generous to the players :unamused:

At 100 gems… people with excess to spend might buy.