Alliance Chat: Winter Dragon *Friends and Interested members welcome too*

It’s been mentioned off hand a few times to have a place for guild members to chat or what not, I made a community on PSN as well but didn’t get too many bites at it. But making this for anyone in the guild who wants it or feels more comfortable/easier chatting here!

I found out fairly recently that Sony made apps so you can access PSN messages and communities through your phone (2 separate apps). I hate ‘typing’ with a PS controller, so I actually participate on my guild community a lot more now that I can use my phone. If you let your guildies know about the app, you might find a few more will participate. You don’t even need to be near your console.

We are officially a top 300 guild now, congrats and many thinks to my guild mates for all their efforts and hard work! To 100!