"All-seeing eye" daily task

Today i got a daily task to that could not be done it read as this “win 4 battles while exploring in All-seeing eye you must complete every quest in the kingdom to unlock its explore mode” i went to summit a ticket but is said to post here so here.


My bet goes that means Mordor :joy:


Damn… new Underworld kingdom already make its way to daily task already somehow.

It’s worth looking in to, as other 3 upcoming kingdoms might also in the pool, making several impossible tasks.

One of the other unreleased kingdoms has crept into daily tasks too. Someone in my guild had it today.


Thanks for that! We’re looking into this :slight_smile:


Ah thank you i just joined the fourms because the ticket that i was asked to summit directed me here. Its good to know there is a quick responses here. The ticket seemed to get dismissed rather quickly i dont know if it was even acknowledge but hearing from you i know that it is now, im happy you are aware of this

All bug reports get rerouted to the forums. The email you received was an automatic “thank you, come again”.

@Drewski Would have received an email explaining why the ticket was closed and linking to this explanation if they submitted the ticket as a ‘bug report’. :slight_smile:

All the other automatic emails actually ask for more details such as platform, purchase receipt, or provide suggestions based on the type of request sent.

I went to change your task Drewski - sorry for the delay - but it looks like you’ve already completed it, is that correct? I sent you along some Gem Keys anyway

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Already completed the task to explore an unreleased kingdom? Whoa that’s some skills…


I told him to refresh the task since it was impossible to complete.

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I have the same problem.

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Hey Sunny, i will PM you.