All my troops lost Armor and Life permanently

So I’m new to the game, win some battles and leveled up some troops. But after 4 days without playing ally troops are weakened. One of them I leveled up to 5 and is supposed to have +1 armor per level, but now it only has 1 armor.
Is this correct? Can I lose stats? It seems they reset to level 1 but is still show level 5, 10 etc.

Here is the proof, with the Nobend Brothers.

Thanks in advance.

I couldn’t post 2 images.
Here is what was 4 days ago.

Are you in a guild?
If your guild had completed the tasks that give an armor boost but not (yet) this week, it may simply be that boost wearing off.
Also last week was Zaejin week unless I’m mistaken, meaning all troops from that kingdom got a boost.

I wasn’t at that time.
But the boost shouldn’t turn the stat in green color?

Also that specific card says it has +1 armor for level, and I’m level 5, why just 1 for armor.

I must admit to not paying enough attention to say for sure which effects change the colors of a stat.
Stat growth isn’t linear, as in it’s not {x}stat per level, but rather at level {y} it gets {x} stats.
See here for nobend brothers
So it looks like you actually have 1 bonus armor, rather than missing one. That bonus probably comes from a kingdom (semi-educated guess).

Because this troop gets one point of armor at level 5. It also gets another point of armor at level 7, and some more at some higher levels. There’s no level based multiplier, just a flat bonus.

I see, so maybe this is the real stats.

But it wasn’t only for Zaejin as seen below.

I also have 100% sure my Chupacabra didn’t have 0 armor, no one had it. So I was on some newbie bonus for ally troop. I wish the game could inform me better.

Got it. Just don’t know what kind of Bonus I was.

The game cycles through the individual bonuses when you select a troop in combat for closer inspection. You can also see them when assembling a team, by going to the “Bonus” tab. There’s really a lot of things that can boost your stats, in your case it was likely having more than one Goblin and more than one troop from Zaejin in your team.

I got those 2 point bonus for the goblin. But I lost 6 points of armor from Baby Dragon. And this bonus turn my life green. I had so bonus on troops from different kingdoms and I didn’t need to select them, I could see them “unequipped”.

It’s very unique what happened, I thank you for the fast replies.

I just put the same troop, you can compare with the prior image I uploaded.

Here I compare War Cleric from Whitehelm. Thanks again.

4 days ago:

The Hero/Baby Dragon/Goblin/Nobend Brothers screenshot and the Hero/War Cleric/Nobend Brothers/Goblin screenshot are both from right now? No troops improved in between?

Yes, I didn’t do anything since put the game today. I think was some 1st week think.

Edit. The hero, baby dragon is from now.
The hero/ war cleric is from 4 days ago, the last time I played.

That’s kind of weird, I’m not seeing any good explanation for such a huge stat increase. Which game mode is it? For the War Cleric team, could you go to the “Bonuses” tab in “Troops & Teams” and post a screenshot showing the bonuses you are getting?

Sadly these are the old stats, right now I don’t have any bonuses except +2 life Lord of goblins.
Current bonus and current stats with Cleric group.

So maybe I had some great bonus, but I will never know now. And it’s very odd, cuz it was the same bonus value for everybody.

Okay, comparing the War Cleric teams the difference is +3 Attack, +8 Health, +8 Armor (and likely +2 Magic, which isn’t visible in the screenshots). That exactly matches the weekly passive bonus for completing all of the new epic guild tasks. Those have been granted last week to all guilds, one time only, as part of introducing them. You either were in a guild when the high stats screenshot was taken or the buff was granted to everybody, no matter whether they belonged to a guild or not.


I see. Thank you for your help and time.
Initially I was thinking I was robbed but I’m fact I was being helped, I feel better now.
Now gonna try to play with these very low stats. :slight_smile:

Don’t mean to sound patronising but it’s fun to see such small stats again!