All girls guild possibly

Currently looking to see of there is any interest from my fellow female gamers on Xbox one to start a guild for only women. I haven’t really seen one and I think we could rock it. Looking for dedicated players to contribute and hit seals and money comtribution. Totally understand that players have to build up kingdoms just looking for feedback in interested parties!


Good luck, that sounds pretty hard to pull off.
I think there was a similar attempt a while back on the PC/Mobile platform, not really sure what happened to that guild.
It’s not that there are no GoW girl players, it’s just that most of them are already in a guild and/or do not really visit the forum.
Not to mention replacement can be a hassle to find whenever someone leaves.
I think your best bet is to find friends in real life and start from there…


And what are you gonna discuss in your chat room ? Horror stories and the first boy you kissed ?

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Lol sure because that’s what all girls do. Nah man just was putting some
info out there to see if enough serious girl gamers was interested. Havent
really seen an all girls guild and possibly for good reason lol

Do you need to be condescending?

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I’m sorry…condescending how??? Not trying to be at all and my apologies
if you took something that way.

I wasn’t being condescending. Put your make-up on and chill.

Condescending like that.

I was answering to moons.
Nothing wrong at all with yours @Skimerina.
I hope you will succeed in building your guild.


May I politely ask how you will vet new members and ensure they are indeed female ? Will pics need to be submitted requesting verification like on reddit/r/gonewild ?

Thanks. This is why I’d like an all girl kick butt guild

Will there be pajama parties ?

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Don’t let the troll bother you, Skimerina. Moons joined 3 hours ago, and has 4 total posts on the forums (all on this post I believe) so most definitely a troll. Just a sad person hiding behind their keyboard letting their true colors show.

I wish you success on your guild!

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Hahaha, what I take from this is Moon was being funny and his comments are meant to be tongue in cheek.

You guys gotta learn to read between the lines.:smiley:

Thank you so much. It was an idea don’t seem to have much support so maybe
I’ll just go co-ed and have a kicking team lol

Seriously dude its not hard and if someone wants to pretend to be a girl have at it. Catelynn Jenner might feel like you are stealing her thunder.