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All Furries (Anthropomorphic Animals) and Animals in Gems of War

Hello everyone! This is a compilation of all animals in Gems of War. I separated them into 2 categories: anthro and feral. I know a good number of furries that play this game and also like to tell furries I know about the game. I am making this thread mainly as reference for being able to quickly show people of the furry community Gems of War for the first time. My previous method was becoming too tedious to duplicate, so this thread should now serve that purpose.

###Gems of War is a free to play match 3 RPG game set on the map of Krystara. You as a hero get to explore the land conquering every kingdom in your path until all of Krystara is yours. Along the way there are quests, minigames, guilds, and a great community backing. Gameplay consists of 4v4 troops against AI on a 8x8 board with the objective to destroy the enemy team. Every troop can accumulate a specific type of the 6 available mana on the board, which are then used to cast unique abilities. A 7th board gem of skull is also on the board that allows the front troop in a lineup to attack. Game time per match can range from 1-10 minutes with an average around 3 minutes. Everything is turn based, so there is currently no time obligation with anything. The game is available on both PC and mobile if you want to take it on the go.

Furry (Anthropomorphic) animals in Gems of War:

- - - - - Feral animals in Gems of War - - - - -

#This list is A LOT longer than I initially thought it would be…


Thanks @Tacet for this list.
Just if you can resize pictures smaller.

at the end of each lines you have "… width=“500” height=“500”>"
just change 500 by 100 or 80.

Nice work :slight_smile:

Thanks for this. Interesting. :slight_smile:

Btw, Centaurs are actually can be classified in the Furries part - Taurs are very well know in Furries :slight_smile:
Thanks for such a catalog of cool and nifty pics

The difference is based on what i beleive to see as furries are 2 legged or walk on 2 legs and feral which walk on 4 legs an d due to this distinction those that a Taurs fall into the feral category, even though i too think that their mental capacity excuses their walking ability. What tacet has done is shown in great detail the two paths a furry can take, four-legged ferals, and two legged furries. Then again there is giant spider, but i did not see the baby spider.

Satyr is also in the feral pile, should be in the furry pile as Faunessa no?

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Is it just me or is the mouth missing on a lot of the dragons in the feral category? It seems the pictures are longer than they are displaying, and legs aren’t as missed I guess…

I ended up dividing it more on bipedal and quadruped, which is why several things are where they are.


I had thought as much. So what type do you personally prefer? Bipedal or quadrupedal?

Could use some additional categories. Male/Female for instance.

I have to do it.