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All dev coments on GAP changes in the OP

For anyone wanting details on the GAP changes but not wanting to scroll through that massive thread to hunt for the devs’ comments, here are all their comments. Devs, can I suggest updating your original post as info is clarified?

I will update this picture as the devs respond more.


I didn’t see this! Another public display of “we manipulate the AI” and it was not specified towards new players, but veterans.

Now I really feel safe in saying that this AI manipulation is for everyone and in every corner of the game.

Are you responding to the wrong post by chance? If not, Im confused. Granted, I woke up recently so that’s definitely possible.

4th paragraph, where rewards will be nerfed if you can kill enemies too fast.

That is a form of manipulation. I know they do it for everything based on some metric for example teamscores, but now they told us they are in fact doing it for rewards. Where does it end?

Also we all knew they would mutilate any positives for an event like GaP. At least they didn’t let us down.

Edit: Now its more irritating that players were allowed to exploit that initial rate for hundreds of verses.

I know for a fact that the beta testers mentioned that initial rate was way high. It still went live. Seemed intentional.

Gotcha. I thought you meant how the AI supposedly cheats, hence why I was confused. :rofl:

I do wish they would be clear on what too fast means. 2 battles/min is fine, but not 6 battles/min. So, what about 3-5 battles/min?

Is the throttling calculated per fight or is there a decay? So, if I do 10 battles the first minute and 2 battles the next (averaging to 6 battles/min) do all 12 battles suffer lower rewards even though the last two fights were slow?

Agreed. I was even one of the people saying it wouldnt get nerfed because the devs knew of the looping potential. :woman_shrugging:

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I guess people who got lured into dropping cash for extra gnome-a-paloozas before the event ended aren’t eligible for refunds?

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