All defense teams in guild wars are the same

Platform, device version and operating system:
Reporting for a guildmate, so I don´t have the detailed information yet. I only know, that my guildmate is playing on iOS. I can ask for more detailed information, if necessary.

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
A guildmate is reporting a very strange problem when trying to set the defense teams for the oncoming guild wars. Whenever a team is set, all six teams switch to exactly the same team. It is not possible to configure six different teams.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
The same guildmate has had this problem also last guild wars. As he was very busy during this week, we noticed only after some days, when it was too late to try to change the teams. He also says, he has had this problem from time to time already some months ago, but back then it was only at the first try, after that it was possible to change to six different teams. It is the first time, that the game won´t allow to set six different teams.

Steps to make it happen again
I have asked in the guild, nobody else has this problem, everyone else has set their defense teams without any problems. So absolutely no idea, how this issue can be reproduced.

I have also used the search and tried to find information about problems with defense teams. Everything I found was rather old (at least more than one year) and not what I was looking for, I hope I didn´t miss something and repost something already known. As time is short, any advice to solve this problem is greatly appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

You need to use 5 team slots. It looks like they have the same team slot set for all 5 days and changing the makeup of that team slot will change that team for all the days it is set for. They need to change a team in 5 different team slots and set one team per day.

Okay, maybe it was my mistake to keep the OP as short as possible… We will be playing in bracket 4 this war and we are talking about a player, that is a member of our guild for more than 3 years now. The basics of team slots and how to use them best in guild wars are quite familiar to us :wink:

Anyway, my guildmate has just deinstalled GoW and made a new installation. The bug was still present at first try, but after that it was possible to switch to six different teams. So situation is solved now for us. However, I still consider this a bug (at least, if you are forced to reinstall a game to make its mechanics work correctly, I call this a bug) and I would be curious, what has caused this issue.

Ok well was just trying to help. When I opened guild wars all my teams were set to the same team too but changing each one of them worked just fine with no reinstall or restart needed. The screenshot shows that all teams have the same team name at the top so it was the most logical conclusion.

Well, it really was the same team, but not because the same team slot was intentionally used for all 6 days. My guildmate also has 6 slots named “Defense 1”, “Defense 2” and so on. When team “Defense 3” for example was set for day 5, all six defense teams were switched to “Defense 3”.

The whole defense teams thing is also strange to me, I hear a lot about these issues, when all teams are the same, the order of teams is not stored correctly and so on. I myself have never had any issue (playing only via Steam on my Laptop), although they seem to be quite common. It is strange, that some players are affected very often and others never.

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