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\\ALIEN*ARCADE// rank 11 Ps4, looking for 3 active players. Pm Matt91080

Guild is set as open invite atm, but feel free to message Matt91080 on ps4 with any questions. Trying to get 3 more that hit requirements and is competitive with guild wars.

Any takers? All 27 guild members donate at least 1 mil gold every week. Lots of keys and rewards to try and pull mythics. If you play every day and may be in a dead or dying guild, please get ahold of me. Would love to have you in our active, competitive guild. I’ve had a few players with 0 mythics, hit one the first week in our guild. And in one case someone with 0 hit 3 in one week. Were all nice and helpful.

Wish there was somewhere to find players not in guilds…

Still need 1, maybe 2 more. Preferably before monday