AI's 3, 3 gem matches & Cast & Continue / Forever Respawns

Why is the Game allowing AI to match 3 3 gem matches then Cast & THEN Continue? Esecially after they cast Doom Skulls or Regular Skulls & nothing Happens, The AI just starts moving skulls around - Six F’n turns with no 4 gem match…

Also just curious, why is Retreat treated as a Win for the defending team? With the never ending spawn of bandits & the AI taking unearned turns & casting & continuing - why bother ? Annoying Game play keeps me off of the console & I’m less likely to spend my REAL CASH on the continuing game play. Having 6 -7 respawns during pvp battles, why even play? I do not want to play 5 minute battles in pvp & no one else does I venture to say.

The New Class Change Update is Awesome Guys! Thank you.

Kevin -

If you are seeing 3-match free turns for the AI, it would be good to capture a video of it so the devs have something to work with. This is easily done on console or Windows 10, trickier I think on mobile.

Retreat is considered a loss because you, well, retreated. You lost. If you’re asking about disconnects counting as losses, this is unfortunately necessary to prevent someone from skipping a loss by force restarting the game when a match is going poorly.

I won’t comment on game difficulty except to say that the expected and tolerated difficulty level and amount of randomness varies wildly from person to person.

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I think the comment about retreating is more “I don’t mind getting a loss, but the opponent shouldn’t get a win if I retreat.”

Sadly, that’s how it works. Retreating is conceding defeat.

The best advice I can give is stop playing vs. the troll teams. I agree, it’s very annoying to face them and just don’t play vs. them anymore. Auto-scout is a VIP 3 perk and I do have to agree the game is worth that much financial commitment. I’ve spent $50 on games I played a lot less.