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AI Spells with troop type is being silly

There is numerous cards that cast to benefit specific troop types but the AI is not smart enough to target that type.

In order to remain competitive is it possible for AI to start looking if that troop type is available and if so target that type ?

Just to name a few:

Spark grinder & Carnex

If those 2 are remaining, grinder is dwarf and Carnex is Mech and grinder will target itself more then Carnex, it’s like punishment for using grinder :confused:

Dark song - won’t target green mana most of the time

Gob chomper

The list goes on…

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No, I am not going to reply this.

Thx for the bump :wink:

This is worth looking into, if only someone could call @Nimhain or @Sirrian to see if it is possible to adjust the ai a little.

Great Maw can target impervious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha I don’t mind that, the target is technically valid on cast.