AI manipulation

In Tower of Doom, I enter the portal in this order IV, V, III, and nothing the last option II, ok first portal.
After second portal in this order V, IV, II, and again last option, in the following portals I always did it this way IV, V, III, and the result was always the same option II, 8 times in a row. Is the game manipulated? How likely is it that IV, V, III, and always the last option II was correct? eight times in a row.
MANIPULATED GAME :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Floor 25 and onwards have the same room over and over


I believe heā€™s referring to where the Boss Room unlock scroll is. He completes the rooms in this order: IV, V, III, II. For several floors in a row, the scroll was in room II, the last one he completed.

That just seems like streaky RNG / bad luck.