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It is definitely making my skull-based Explore team more exciting, since the penalty for failing to match my skulls is so much higher!

I had been using

Dragon’s Eye (Barbarian)

Got Root Trap. Battle is usually over before Entangle cleanses. Beetrix takes care of Lycanthropy. 4 mana generators, Lightning Strike…A very cool team. I prefer Forest of Thorns for E12 with this one.


For me, personally, E12 is playable, nothing too much to worry about (why would anybody with late game collection have problems?).

I don’t play PvP for now (and forthcoming GW next week…that could be “interesting”, not the end of the world yet “interesting”);
There was this idea of trying PF500 Labyrinth (to give Ly its only chance ever to do something remotely useful by converting enemy Horned Guardian) but, after a couple of tries at lower speed setting, I’ve given up on that;
Arena, on the other hand, feels really challenging (for unlikely imperial deed/writ/warcoin offer) - unlike what it usually was.

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For me, I mean, for me, this bug is done on purpose! I think the Devs are trying to kill Gems of War, in order to replace it with another game! And then a simple compensation of 50 gems, it’s a shame! For everything you’ve done and brought, it’s worth at least 250 gems!
But if that’s it, I’ll ask for a refund for everything I bought. I am soon VIP 16!

2 million Gems and I forgive them.

Is it possible to unregister from Guilds Wars? Asking for a friend. :unamused:


It’s happening to me on an IPAD Pro bought a couple of months ago, so not an “older device”


Fact: if players were the ones doing the double skull damage and hitting multiple enemies with skulls, we would have had a patch on the first day it was reported.


That is a fact. I find it insulting for my device to be the blame for their lack of testing.
The banners are what gets me. Not one person responsible for this update checked banners? Not one person?! Just two clicks was all it would have taken.

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@Saltypatra @Jeto

Please clarify the definition of what’s considered an “older device” to play this game?


Wait till you all have to deal with this incompetence in guild wars. Good luck guys/gals. :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks for posting this - this team is really fun, and actually about as fast as

shield of urskaya/thrall/rowanne/megavore

I’ll cycle it into the rotation to mix things up.

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Where is the fix?!

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Guessing if it doesn’t happen tomorrow (Friday,) then it won’t be until next week.

Pitchforks and torches at the ready!

P.S. It’s Friday in the AU … 10:45am local time for those wascally devs

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Was a mini download on steam and someone said xbox. So maybe it was. Waiting on what it was.

It is the hot fix!!!


Of course HOT fix (KEKW)