Is it possible to unregister from Guilds Wars? Asking for a friend. :unamused:


It’s happening to me on an IPAD Pro bought a couple of months ago, so not an “older device”


Fact: if players were the ones doing the double skull damage and hitting multiple enemies with skulls, we would have had a patch on the first day it was reported.


That is a fact. I find it insulting for my device to be the blame for their lack of testing.
The banners are what gets me. Not one person responsible for this update checked banners? Not one person?! Just two clicks was all it would have taken.

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@Saltypatra @Jeto

Please clarify the definition of what’s considered an “older device” to play this game?


Wait till you all have to deal with this incompetence in guild wars. Good luck guys/gals. :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks for posting this - this team is really fun, and actually about as fast as

shield of urskaya/thrall/rowanne/megavore

I’ll cycle it into the rotation to mix things up.

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Where is the fix?!

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Guessing if it doesn’t happen tomorrow (Friday,) then it won’t be until next week.

Pitchforks and torches at the ready!

P.S. It’s Friday in the AU … 10:45am local time for those wascally devs

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Was a mini download on steam and someone said xbox. So maybe it was. Waiting on what it was.

It is the hot fix!!!


Of course HOT fix (KEKW)

I go to battle and i see this every where in PvP, Explore, and every other place we go to battle even in Guild wars. And i see the A.I. Match mana of three like three blue and it skips my turn then the A.I. hits me matching (3 skulls) then i its my turn. Then it matches 3 mana then matches 4 mana cast its spell on me then my turn. Its annoying, i know you all hard at work and i hope you all find a waay to fix it soon Jeto. :grinning:

Still seeing the double attacks on speed x 4 periodically. I don’t think the fix was fully effective.

This might be due to mana potions, the somewhat insufficiently tested gimmick of this campaign.

Just had this problem again in Guild Wars. Enemy with 70 Attack instakilled every member of my team with much more armor/health, each with a single normal skull match. Lost two of todays matches because of that :rage:.

If they have something that makes skulls and it makes 2 or 3 separate skull matches that counts as separate damaging attacks.

Gnolls and guild guardians do double damage against certain colors. Webspiner does triple skull dmg against webbed enemies, the catch that it webs the enemy on skull dmg and does it before the actual skull dmg, so actually does triple dmg all the time.

It was a single 3 skull match from a normal board each time. No alignments on my side and no skills on the enemy side. If that would have been the case I wouldn’t have written here.

And after reducing the speed the same attack had less damage in the third game, which I won easy, but 1x is slow as hell. Hard to play after 4x.