I thought the Double Skull Damage-Bug and the Hitting the The troop below if the first dies-Bug are related… But… The Double Skull Damage is gone, but the Hitting the Second is still there (Arena)

Double skull damage was seen to be inconsistent. I am not sure it is gone. I felt it was still there in Arena today. Also, the devs told it was gonna be rectified with a Client Patch (update).

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Does that mean 99% are unaffected by said bug?
asking for a friend

but if this is affecting everyone, are you not all on the same level playing field? I only ask because I came in second the last skull event and I was unaffected or at least wasn’t held back it seemed. Also where are you playing? 500 gems in the US are about $10. I have mates in Canada, but there it’s only like $12 there.

I don’t know how this was missed, but the ‘Extra Turn’ and ‘Mana Surge’ banners for the AI show twice instead of once. I would have thought 1 game seeing that would suggest something was odd. Thankfully E1 doesn’t require the board to be moved. When I played E5 up, I lost gnomes to double mana collection. I shudder to think what this would have done in a GW week…

I’m not giving the devs any benefit of the doubt on it, (historically the sheer weight of excuses and none sensisical explanations over the years has fnally removed my ability to give them the benefit) stuff’s been messed with for the AI.


This is seriously one of the WORST bugs they’ve ever let go on for so long. I was one win away from an Arena run, but enemy matched one skull and killed both of my troops with it. The previous loss in that run was also caused by the skull bug. Absolutely ridiculous. And their compensation will probably be 50 gems or something stupid.


It is called a synchronization error between threads. Two different thread processes the same event but one is slower and the event is still sitting in the queue and the other thread grabs it again.
Writing bug free software is hard, writing bug free multi threaded software is impossible.


I totally forgot the bug after hulabalooza, but thanks for explaining why it took me six runs to finish the arena task! Time to go back to x3 speed…

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12h left.
And please check if Gnome a Palooza doesnt effect GW next week, then you need the next hotfix :wink:

Hey, did you know that this bug lets an Assassin roll a double instant kill on last slot? It’s not bad enough that you got double mana going into the delve bee troop after I get first turn double killed.

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Hey all,

We are still finalising some testing for this issue before the fix is submitted. The Team is doing their best to get it out as soon as they can.
As mentioned before, it is also dependant on the certification process.
Hope to have an update on this for everyone soon.


if it cannot be done before this weekend event, then it is better to have another Gnome-a-Palooza event and postpone the whole calendar.


Guild Wars if 5.6.5 isn’t released in time.


TaransWorld is showing the new faction as releasing on the 30th. The weekend event this weekend is an Invasion according to in-game data, and Invasion isn’t as sensitive to the skull bug as high-level Delves. Since (in my limited recollection) Invasion and Raid weekends are usually back-to-back, it seems like the devs have already shuffled the new faction back a week.

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and new faction too…

I was thinking about doing a lvl 500 faction run today, but seem like it is a hard no

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I thought I heard from the delves they will fix it before Tuesday Faction Assault (which is today), but apparently they did not fix it! I lost today a run because of this non-sense Double Skulls Bug.
This makes anything unplayable on high level events.
Please fulfill your promises.

They said they were hoping to get the fix out by Tuesday but did not offer any guarantees or promises that it will be done. Part of the solution is outside of their control due to the various platforms.


They didn’t promise. As @Zetta_Composer pointed out, they said they were hoping for Tuesday.

If we allow the devs to state “We hope to release by X date” and acknowledge it’s a goal and not a promise, then maybe they’ll do it more often with us. It’ll give us a better idea when things will come which will be a win. :pray:

Also, see if x3 animation speed works for you. It does for some people, but not everyone. It’s not as awesome as x4, but it’s far more bearable than x1. Thankfully it’s temporary!

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Well… I picked a good day to go for a pure faction 500 faction assault >.>