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AI and Bannerss

Does anyone know if the AI is smart enough to preferentially choose matches that get it bonuses with it’s banner?

I’ve been missing the ability to tune the AI on my defence lists, and wondered if maybe I could give it hints by chosing the right banner…

The AI is really good to refill troops, only problem is sometime it doesn’t cast when it should or cast but in the wrong order when more then 1 troops is full

I tried different banner in defense and the AI seem to not priorise the banner color

I’m pretty sure, a really long time ago, one of the console devs explained that banner came into the equation for how the AI prioritized, but even if I am remembering that correctly, it may not apply to the current AI. As far as I know, there hasn’t been any discussion of this from the dev side recently.

I’ll see if I can find the old quote, but it will be difficult…

…It is past midnight and I am very tired. I checked this topic because I thought the title read “AI and Bananas” and wanted to know what the heck it was about.:flushed:


Seems I was mistaken and now I need to write a smart answer.
Uhm, AI banners seem to be broken at the moment anyway. Like, if you go into explore, the AI will use whatever banner your first team has. Including its title. Just for fun, I tried switching the banners of that team around. It seems to have at least no influence on what explore enemies pick when it comes to matching gems - or at least I couldn’t notice anything like that so far.

Here is the post I was thinking of. There is no mention of banner in how it calculates the move scores, so I would conclude that this isn’t taken into account:

The discussion at the time was around the console AI, but after the move to Unity, that AI became THE AI, so it should still be applicable.

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Thanks guys. I was sort of hoping that the AI might prioritise based on how much mana it would gain, rather than how many gems it would match. But I guess no such luck. Shame; I’ve got some fairly decent lists that are terrible on defence because the AI can’t play them for toffee, and the sorts of things it copes with well are pretty boring.

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This is currently a bug, and is purely visual. Explore teams use the banner of the kingdom you’re exploring.

Also the AI doesn’t take into account the banner when selecting mana.


yesss im not crazy :slight_smile: