After the update is before the update.... what about 5.3?

Does anybody know what to expect from 5.3 or other future updates?
5.2 is already be ticked off cause it is a bit …“disappointing” ::

too early to tell

We had a thread about future updates, but it seems to be dead (once again)

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The only thought I have is, due to the next update being near Christmas, it’ll be something new to try to entice new players over the holiday. If it’s not that, then I don’t know what they are thinking.

It is high time we got some means to farm imperial deeds and books of deeds; whatever it is to come, I hope they address this issue.


It might not be branded as 5.3, but I predict that the next outbreak of mass hysteria in the community will be caused by balance changes.

During the 5.2 preview stream, Salty said that balance changes would no longer be released at the same time as functional changes. That’s so that feedback focuses on the feature changes, rather than fixating on one or two buffs or debuffs. I got the impression that balance work has been done, or is being done, it but wasn’t released with 5.2.

I might have read too much into her comments. If you want to form your own opinion, see Twitch.

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That was actually first announced a few months ago on the forums, and possibly on a another stream. Here’s the link to Kafka’s post:

From the stream you linked, it does sound like we’ll have a balance change soon though.

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She does specifically say they are working on a balance change right now. Though, that still isn’t a guarantee it will make it into the game or that it will be next thing that makes it into the game.

Would be nice to see some old troops become relevant again, but I’m keeping my hopes realistic :smiley: