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After testing PVP defense team, showing gold rewarded

I didn’t see this bug posted…

Platform, device version and operating system


Screenshot or image

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
After testing my PVP defense team, the victory screen is showing gold rewarded. I was expecting no rewards since I was testing my own PVP defense team.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
I tested it about 4 times and it happened each time I won the match. I believe it may just be a visual bug because I checked my gold after each match and I am not receiving the gold shown as rewarded.

Steps to make it happen again
Simply test your PVP defense team.


You get a small amount of gold from testing your defenses. It’s no bug.

Going by the bug report, the bug is that the small amount of gold rewarded isn’t actually received.

So I re-read the report, tested my defense team and he’s right. It told me this last time it would give 9 gold and my gold didn’t change.

Ever since I can remember, I never received any gold when testing my PVP teams. I made this bug report because I believe it showing that I was rewarded gold is the bug. I believe I should not get any gold for testing my PVP team.

I don’t mind receiving gold for testing my defense team. It would be nice to actually receive it if they intended to do so however.


This is a known issue which we have a bug report for already.
I’ll check on its status.

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