Advice for a team setup

Hello gems players,

I have a question about my team set, its an all around dmg dealer.

I use:
Hero with wicked scythe,

and I would like to find a last troop that would fit nicely.

Thanks for advising me

Krystenax probably does the most damage out of the gate.

Crimson Bat, Draakulis, and Queen Mab would also work. The first 2 do true damage so even if their numbers look lower, it ignores the armor. Mab can do a lot but not to troops with Mana Shield or Impervious.


Not a damage dealer but doesn’t block Mana, starts the battle Empowered to kick start your team with a bit of needed speed. Transforming gems to Yellow manna for 2 of your listed troops. (you will loose purple at first)


Sylvanimora also hits all enemies, but I’d use Soothsayer with that team. The +1 Magic it gives works very well with your other troops.

Emperor Khorvash is a great troop stuns the first two troops, drains their mana, and does true damage.

Slot in Alchemist, he will pump yellows into the board for Atlanta and Garuda. I would re-arrange troops, slightly as well.

Hero (I would look to switch out for blue based weapon here).

Place Atlanta in last or first, depending if you’ve got her traited.

@Strat suggestion is also very good. If you go with that then definitely switch out your weapon, to something brown based. Single purple will not be that good when Mercy is converting it out.


Do you have Sekhma?

I ran Prince Azquilla
Hero Mountain Crusher or Soothsayer?

Sekhma powers up the yellow gives a nice board conversion, and works great with Garuda’s Firestorm.

Alchemist to fill em up?