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Advantage of VIP?

I am a f2p guy usually. I would consider buying something but am unsure when I have spent enough to take advantage of the VIP system. Can someone give me an idea as to what might be a decent level for someone trying to not spend much money? I feel like maybe spending a little might really open up the game but am unsure.


No clue if consoles are the same, but on PC/Mobile the best 2 spots are $40 for VIP 3 and $130 for VIP 5.

Consoles are the same, level and dollar amounts.

Though I thought you only needed 150 points/30 dollars to reach VIP 3.

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I say go for VIP3. Not only is Scouting free, it’s activated automatically.


Just buy what you need or what you like to have most. Consider your purchase as a nice investment in the long run. As long as you can afford it, go for it, I say.

The $50 death knight armor is the best bang for your buck. 100% bonus to gold, xp, and souls. Plus you get some gems and keys.

($70 in Canada on Xbox)