Add visual effects for effects

It’s been long time. Today game has plenty sources of mana manipulations (add/drain/steal) which has no visual indicator whatsoever. Do us a favor, at least provide it with special animations. Can’t be that hard.

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Everytime someone asks for something, I remember the visual bug going on on mobile that I not sure if it was fixed and it was happening for months.

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For comparison, attribute manipulation (buff/debuff/steal) has the visual effect of the stat in question.

A great example of this is Wraith: steals enemy Life OR Mana, but the latter is incredibly subtle to notice. Similarly, every time Cockatrice (or any “Drain up to 12 Mana and create Gems…” Troops) casts you can tell how much Mana was drained, but figuring out from who takes a few seconds.

For Mana Steal specifically, I think it would be appropriate to animate this as a stream of Mana Color particles (similar to matching/destroying Mana Gems) from the victim to the recipient.

For Mana Drain, yes it kinda does need some visual effect but I am at a loss for ideas. The effect is obvious if the troop was ready to cast, but otherwise there is no unique visual effect conveying that anything even happened (depending on the size of the drain and the victim’s Mana Level/Cost).

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No it can’t be. But the required effort is monumental. It would be easier to stop an earthquake.

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Oh, the missing artwork issues on mobile are very much still not fixed :frowning:

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Similar to your Mana Steal suggestion, but have the mana particles spiral downwards off the board; like water down the drain.

On the flip side of this request though: could there be an speed option to turn all in-battle animations off?