Add Shiny to Troops Filter/Remove from Inventory

This is in the wrong place. If I’m trying to find troops for a team, I don’t want to have to go to my inventory to figure that out. Also, since chest drops are random, I can’t target tokens for a
specific troop. It does me no good to know how many tokens I have per troop in inventory and makes a crowded list even more crowded. I can see the number of tokens on the troop card. The only shiny thing I need to see in inventory is dust.


It’s a complete waste of time having them in the inventory as they just auto update when you have enough tokens. This just makes it much more difficult to check things that actually matter. The same can be said of campaign trophies. Would make much more sense for both of these things to be on a separate tab. Or Make tokens like normal resources that go away once used.


Or make troop menu sortable on amount of tokens connected to the troop


My kingdom to be able to filter Shiny troops.

Not only for team building and whatnot, but I want to be able to sort them to read the new lore that the Shiny upgrades add. Presumably the devs/whoever put work into that lore, and there’s not even a convenient way to find it all. C’mon.


Any news?!