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Add Santa Claus troop

Santa is cool he is a immortal elf a divine joyful elf god that i would love to see made a troop with the abilities to heal all troops like 50 health does damage to all mana taking 6 mana away from all enemy troops immunity to all status effects and blesses all troops with a barrier. Catch phrase for spell Merry Christmas Ho HO HOO. Traits me like gain +5 life on 4 red matches Immunity to all staus effects and last trait increase magic by 1 on 4 or more blue gem or skull matches. Have his mana be the colors of Christmas Red, Blue and Green 26 mana pool. Something like to be balanced 32 maybe? Anyways that’s my idea gave a Jolly Merry Christmas!

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Looks like the next power orb troop :slight_smile:


I’m afraid we’ll only get The Grinch. Throws a Flash Offer at you on every 4+ match, your game locks up until you buy it. The spell shuffles the board and makes all gems looks like green exclamation marks. Effect persists until you make your next successful move, each time you guess wrong your tribute timer increases by 24 hours. Catch phrase is also Merry Christmas Ho HO HOO.

You wouldn’t want to fight that troop? Bad luck, he’ll show up as Battlecrasher. And the third trait disables the Retreat button.


naah… Santa will be a gnome in red hat. He will battlecrash into every pvp and explore battle, but he will show up only twice a year (on 6th and 25th Dec). He will drop a random key on death (80% for gold, 10% for Glory, 6% for Gem, 3% for Event, 0.8% for VIP, 0.2% for Vault). He will start empowered. His spell will give a random buff to allies (good children) and a random debuff for enemies(naughty children), with a 80% chance to run away. Also he will have a 10% chance to summon Forest Guardian on matching 4 or 5 gems as his 3rd trait.

How do you like that ? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Saltypatra @Kafka if you like this “joke troop” decription, pass it to the team, someone might like it also

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