Add Mimic Battles for Delve Chests

I was thinking to give a better chance at the Hoard Mimic card and a fun chance at double delve rewards, it would be a cool addition to put mimic battles on the Delve chests. Personally, im still struggling to find the Hoard Mimic, and I’m tired of grinding explores. I’ve since been focusing on the underworld and it just crossed my mind that adding mimic battles to delve chests would be a natural extension of those surprise battles.


Nice idea. I had been thinking recently about a pet, that increases the mimic chance, but this one here is better. Won’t crush the game balance, won’t push players further into grinding explore, but makes for a neat surprise.
Might need a slightly higher chance though with only 3 (free) attempts per day outside tuesdays.


I hate how much RNG is involved with the mimic and horde mimic battle, let alone even getting the mythic mimic troop from the horde mimic battle. The way this was implemented was just another bad idea in what has been a long string of bad ideas from the devs.

Plus having the troop tied to Dragons Claw and not the Vault was a horrible idea by the devs.

Want I would like, is for a way to actually earn the battle instead of relying on blind luck. Let me horde up mythstones from explore and use them in bulk to summon a mimic/horde mimic battle and forgo the boss battle.

As in, you beat the 5 battles in an explore run and if you have 100+ mythstones you get to do the boss battle, but instead you are given the option to decline the boss battle and keep your mythstones, and it restarts the explore (unlike now, where if you don’t do the boss battle it just stays there forever until you do). Then when I accrue 500 mythstones you can use them all at once to guarantee a mimic battle after fighting the boss battle. And if you accrue 1000, you can use them all at once to guarantee a horde mimic battle as long as you beat the boss and mimic battles.

The mimic battles can still happen randomly, but at least this way you could actually work toward earning 1. Instead of now, where you can go 50+ explore runs and never even get 1.

Also, add a chance for the Mythic Horde Mimic to drop from the gnome room battle in a Deep Delve. The troop is usually on the AI side anyway in this fight, plus if there was a chance to get it here, it would actually give me a reason to play it. Hell, even put a restriction on it that its only possible on a level 500 delve on a faction that has the full 2500 renown unlocked.

I just want 1 of those stupid mimic troops to get the achievement on Xbox. Its a useless troop and currently prevents kingdom progression for Dragons Claw. And yet, here I am a 18 months since this was introduced, 3361 boss battles (chests), 386 mimic battles (chests), and 20 horde mimic battles (chests), and 0 horde mimic troops.

Explore is such a monotonous grind now that I get so bored of playing it as all I’m doing to trying to get the horde mimic battle, which I basically see once a month. I don’t even care about the tokens/badges/medals at this point, they are like trait stones and ingots to me, I have such an overabundance of them they are a pointless resource.


Of course I’m not a grinder player. Don’t spend hours a day doing explore, but I always play this mode. Since the introduction of mimic hoard, I got only 2 battles and a dozen normal mimic battles. No Hoard Mimic yet. And another member of my guild got like 2-3 in the last few months. Can it be due to RNG? Yes. But there is something amiss.

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