Add Highlight Effect to Conditional Effects


This has been mentioned a couple times in my streams and probably in the forum in the past, but I just want to bring attention to how annoying it is to count to 13 gems for any troops with that condition.

There should be some kind of effect around a card when they have their ability up and the 13 gem condition is on the board. This will save a lot of time on constantly having to count the number of gems on the board to see if it is indeed 13+.


I generally count by 2s up to 6 and if any are left, I’m set. So: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12… if more, that is 13+ and I get the turn.

But agreed that a visual cue on conditionals would be good.


i think this should go to QoL list?


It is in QoL I suggested it about a month ago