Add Dragonite to AB

I’m aware there’s already a few ways of obtaining dragonite, but there is still players who have not been able to craft Diamantina (Shiny Dragon) due to limited resources or the most common… multiple dupes… It doesn’t look like there are any plans of adding a way to target dragons or limit the number of dupes.

So… consider adding Dragonite to the Adventure Board every now and then… to give people just a little boost. :smiling_face:


The rng part isn’t disputed, it is not “fun”, despite it being constantly falsely advertised as “fun”.
So while I partially agree…

…if someone was playing since (before) dragonite/diamantina was introduced and had a lets say level1000acc at that time and hasn’t gotten Diamantina yet, then not only rng is to blame, but also (and clearly!) the lack of commitment and invested (competitive) playtime. use vault weekends to farm gaps and get vault keys, play through them afterwards, get occasional gem drops and build a stash - exchange daily for dragonite in the dungeon…
if you only wait for a occasional perfect run in dungeon or a dragonite gnome here and there - then no wonder you don’t have what you’re looking for.


there is an alternative way: buy gems :laughing:

I’m on about the non competitive players, I sunk 30k+ gems (thank you dupes) into getting my first Diamantina so I understand grinding and gem stashes. I also realise not everyone has the resources to continuously buy dragonite daily or grind vault weekend. They’ve added another set of dragons, so why not add the occasional dragonite to AB.


Some of us have lives and play the game to our own schedule, rather than endless grinding for new targets that keep moving further and further away.


Nothing wrong with an own schedule.
I also have a live and it doesn’t revolve around gow. gow is part of it, and as part of it for me it isn’t too hard to collect a few hourly tributes a day and find some time to play during my travels to and back home from work which would otherwise be completely dead time tbh. I manage to make simple plans ahead of what the game will offer the upcoming weeks and in a way I act accordingly. f.e. I want the next cosemtic pet so I have to login/play on Wednesday, or at some point of the week I “have to” play my matches to share the workload with my 29 other guild members to manage the common goals. And for obvious reasons I play more than I otherwise would during vault weekends, because for me it is the event you can benefit from the most, so I make it count.
I could in theory just “buy” gems for fantasy amounts of my real money. Overall it would be a much better use to just work one extra day and throw the earned money in than to “force play” during such weekends, but this goes against my nature to just “buy myself to the top” and also I’m not supporting the ongoing “mistake flood” caused by gamedevs since, well, years by paying fantasy prices for some lousy worthless virtual items (gems). But since I wanted Diamantina and Stellarix I accepted that the currency needed is gems, as I described the daily exchange into Dragonite above.
With an own (probably slower) schedule obviously you have to be okay with making the compromise of getting things late, or not at all - and be fine with it. If everyone would just get “op” stuff handed out “for free” it would not be awesome to have, nothing special.
It is all doable with minimum effort play.

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I am not saying that, but the Devs are deliberately creating artificial scarcities.


Overall I wouldn’t be at all against the occasional drop of a minor dragonite amount in 3-4 matches on a adventure board. Could be such slim amounts as the “writs” (haha).

But be realistic, cursed runes got introduced before dragonite and also aren’t featured in adventure boards. Changes in this game, (especially if they benefit the players!) rarely are commented on and even more rarely worked on and/or implemented. If… something gets implemented and it seems “players benefit from it” at first glance be assured this most likely isn’t the case and devs have some backup agenda and other endgoal.

And why else are they not adding it? Because enough fomo-whales keep flooding them with micro transactions.

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There should be more ways to get Dragonite, but I don’t think the Adventure Board would be a good place to see it. It just wouldn’t show up enough to get a meaningful amount and I’d imagine the amount of Dragonite seen would be really low.

Think about it, they added 30 Dragonite at Stage 15 of Reward Tiers in Guild Events…

(I mean if it was up to me, Dragonite for Silver Marks in PvP would have been a no brainer, but not my decision.)


Sorry if someone has mentioned this in the thread already but they should really consider adding dragonite (and curse rune) to the vault reward table.


Agreed. I just don’t understand why Dragonite and Cursed Runes have not been added to Adventure Board and Vault Keys drop table.

They have been added to other rewards in the game like Campaign etc why not AB and VK battles.

When are the devs going to make changes that make player GoW a good player experience because right now playing GoW is just outright frustrating and a very poor player experience.

I see more and more players leaving the game every week.


I’m not sure how useful this would be in the long run. This feels like Warcoins reloaded, they were good at first, now they just displace other high rarity tasks that could have provided useful rewards.

  • Cursed Runes are a dead currency. There just isn’t anything really useful you can do with them once you’ve upgraded your forge and crafted Drenza and the weapons. There would have to be some new recipes first, like and alternate way of crafting books with just a few deeds and a pile of Cursed Runes.

  • Dragonite is a dead currency artificially kept alive through questionable design decisions. Once you’ve got all dragons, you can only stockpile it in hopes of further dragons getting added in the far future. The main factor preventing you from getting all dragons is bad luck, possibly pushing your personal threshold at which Dragonite becomes useless to several times of what other players require. What this rather needs is a way to balance out how much each player has to spend, not additional Dragonite.

My vote goes to books (still needed for a long time), gold marks (allows choice of rewards) and lanterns (also allows choice of rewards).


Why would you think they’d add it “for free” into AB or VK? They added it in places you need to “work” for it by also dropping gems or buying into. By that logic they drain your stash. I bet we’d all be surprised how many heavy spenders there are. Just look at the global leaderboards for certain guild events and also solo events, you’ll often see the same people in top100. Even the fat gem stashes don’t fill themself up itself or purely by activity by collecting hourly tributes everyhour, they’re also restocked with $$$offers.

Overall your statement is correct, the game itself runs more and more towards being “not fun” and on less motivated days I truly question why I’m still staying since 2016 after witnessing all the “fine work” that was pulled through time by our beloved hard working devs.
But this has nothing to do with the adventure board. Sure it could be overworked, but tbh there’s so many flaws, bugs and things that need and deserve an equal “overwork”. Putting dragonite into AB or VK would only benefit the pure casual players that log into the game three times a week to play seven matches total per week and would probably get some dragonite per week for free either. Stellarix, or even the old Diamantina wouldn’t be anything special anymore.

The problem is just the rng factor that leaves some people with countless copies above “4” on certain dragons before eventually getting the last base dragon of the sets. If that was finally acknowledged and fixed everyone would be better off, because this could be a reasonable scenario for all future releases. But the fact they won’t even acknowledge this as problematic and/or unfair says it all. The audacity then to enthusiastically announce and describe this gambling modus as “fun” is the cherry on the cake.

Overall I’m sure there’s many multi-yearlong players out there just like me that feel completely the same about the game. Sure, there’s parts that are fun, still, after all the years. And there’s the convenience that you can play on mobile device and steam synced up. Or other devices, if that is preferred. But what is not fun at all:

  • purley luck based rng settings without any form of cap/safety net
  • adding more and more time-consuming new gamemodes/currencies
  • crowded ingame menus and overlays focussing on $$$offers

It is what it is. If actually some things would be worked on to improve things - in talks with the playerbase (feedback, votings, etc) that would be fantastic for everyone, but next to none, or lets say minimal efforts are being made in that regard.


Don’t play games anymore, or stop buying Studio 505 games, maybe that will make them think!
There, they line their pockets, but do nothing to keep the former players!

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