Add disable vibration feature for xbox one controller


Add an option to turn off controller vibration please. This is extremely annoying and not needed. I’m close to quitting the game for this reason alone. No one likes vibration on any game let alone one like this anyway. Please shut it off.


I’ve moved this to the Console category on the forum.

Afraid you’ll need to raise this with 505 directly:

I do sympathise, I’ve always found vibrating controllers annoying too…


Yes this would bug the crap out of me too.


Well I let them know quite some time ago at 505 directly and they seem to not give a poo. It’s sad the game is so much worse on xbox one. The mobile version is sooo much better than the consoles unfortunately. I guess ignoring the console version is my only option at this point if they refuse to fix such an easy thing to correct.


@505GamesSupport now have an ID on this forum so perhaps they could respond…

Also please mind your language - note forum guidelines please - my children read this…


sorry about the language.


np… Love the edit! LOLs…