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Add Different Dungeon Bosses/Teams

Can we get more diversity/variety in the Dungeon Bosses and/or their Teams? It’s super repetitive and kind of monotonous to face the same exact 21 teams every week. It feels more like checking a checkbox than playing a daily challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

Idea: maybe use the top defense teams from PVP the week prior to help add some variety and throw in a Boss version of one of the troops?


A bit like taking a random players def team, adjusting stats to be in line with boss level and replacing one with the boss similar to the gnome event?

Hmm… could go either way for me. Many people would enjoy the diversity, but imagine if you hit a super strong team on Sunday and so couldn’t complete the dungeon, a lot of people would get really upset by this as the diamond deals are considered the best in the game.

I’m not keen on the idea of spreading PvP meta cancer everywhere in the game at all.

However, the request is sound. The developers should create 2-3 more custom teams for each day, and you get a random one. Plus they should allow a slight increase in rewards for much higher difficulty settings.


Right now, stat of Dungeon troops are not affected by difficulty setting, but somehow, the rewards are…

I would love more diversity in Dungeon as well, but I don’t think it should be random or borrow from PvP grief teams. Imagine the Sunday gobbin team is replaced by Ethernal Nomad Brother/Princess Fizzbang/Queen Grapplepot/Gobbin King, the horror…

The current teams have some form of synergy to them, to help the Boss troops cast faster. Kinda fall apart a bit if Boss troop is killed first, but that’s the point.

I like the few rotation set idea. The first 3 troops are picked from 3-5 sets of designed 3-troop team to help the Boss troop perform better.

Well then, as you are getting more Diamonds, Jewels, and Shards every single dungeon battle: What ever you have done to your game then you shouldn’t change it. I only get 25 Jewels, 100 Shards, 5 Diamonds per battle for the 1st two even if I do a Warlord IV explore first.

I didn’t mean all the rewards, just Golds/Souls/Exps. All Shards/Jewels/Diamonds are static, as they should. Somehow, Golds/Souls/Exps are scaled with difficultly, without changing stat of enemies’ troops. For some reason, you get more of that 3 things if you do explore on Warlord IV first. It’s a bug of sort…

On another related note, some bosses of Dungeon should be change as well. Some Mythics that released after Dungoen are more fit to be Bosses. Like Infernus is clearly more fit to in Fire Dungeon than Elemaugrim without changing any trait. Scorpius, Yasmine’s Chosen, Skadi should be somewhere in their Earth/Nature/Ice Dungeon well.