Adana rework could change Ironhawk, right?

If Artillery Support change to something else, I think I would stop playing the game. I’ve got too used to 3x Ironhawk. What about you guys?

@RootsSeed Posts like these is like fire on dry grass. You are aware of that the devs is reading the forum?


They could put some water saying that they won’t but do they read it?

@RootsSeed Not a guarantee change, but you aint helping the situation to say it that way, by making this post.


Situation? But we can have some hope it won’t, I agree.

Wait, what? The last time a dev visited the forum was several years ago. The Customer Experience team reads the forum every once in a while and forwards perceived bugs to the devs, where they get fixed or ignored, mostly based on how much they affect monetization (sorry, couldn’t resist).


Could not resist what? Kefka and the others is giving the information to the Devs.

Commenting on the priority aspect of bug fixes. :clown_face:

Lets hope.

haha, at least it was a good one. :joy:

Dry snitching is still snitching

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…Everyone should be allowed to speak the truth.

If there’s a Ironhawk nerf I’d say another big wave of players would quit for good. But then again, we’d find something else that works. Possible not quite as fast/clean. But why even bring such a topic up? It only raises chances of something like this to happen. You should be aware that in recent time, lets say last two years, the changes in the game are at least 75% not to benefit the players - however cute they write their fancy newsposts and describe things as “fun”. If something would tell them: “Ironhawk op, no good for money income” - they’d do an immediate nerf. Wouldn’t take a day. Hot Fix applied immediately, maybe even stats reverse last two weeks would be possible. Just don’t rattle on anything that is working just fine. By sheer unluck, someone in charge stumbles on the forum link, even clicks this topic and reads two sentences and decides “yoo, lets nerf ironhawk just ‘because’ of the possible reactions”…


Development does not “nerf”, they “improve” the game. How about a full screen animation for every time, damage is dealt to a troop? Effectively kills Ironhawk farming and gnome runs, while they can pretend, that it is better than before… at least after they have fixed the inevitable freezes, softlocks and crashes after half a year.

If they wanted to nerf Ironhawk, they would have nerfed it long ago. They wouldn’t wait until a Kingdom Rework.

Admittedly, if they wanted to adjust the spell so it isn’t just a 3rd trait troop, I’m all for it. It never really deserved to be a 25 mana troop in the first place.


Ironhawk is such a fun troop. Sadly, I have just one.

Also, someone posted this week with the Dev flair and a diamond on their icon. (Bramble)

Bramble is from the Customer Experience team, he picks up the bug reports submitted by the community and forwards them in some way to the developers. Unfortunately, he knows very little about the game, so most of his interaction is writing “I’ve reported this to the development team”.


but is effective in closing topics. must count for something, no? :wink:

:surfing_man: :clown_face:


At this point, changing Ironhawk would really only hamper newer players.

I only find myself using the Ironhawk team for Battle Crashers, but we have other speed teams that will do that job too.