Adana Kingdom Rework: Tesla troop

Tesla troop. Current troop’s role is Mage.

Possibly it could be changed to Generator (Defender, Warmaster) roles.
Yes, that would be a buff for this troop.

Thank you.

Tesla does area damage → is a Mage. Doesn’t generate any mana → is not a Generator.


And yet there’s the valid point that Tesla doesn’t benefit in any way from elite levels as Mage. There’s some expectation that an expensive upgrade should provide some perks, so maybe the role description should just be considered a rough guide that may need further refinement? Dust Devil, who is in the same boat, somehow avoided getting stuck with Mage duty.


Yeah, there is that.

I guess you could argue that Tesla’s traits tilt her slightly towards Defender (Life + Armor gain) or Warmaster (Attack gain)?

I suspect that the game looks at the role assignment when it needs to create teams (e.g. for Explore mode). If that is the case, Defender might not be a good pick, Tesla would likely end up front.