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Actual reset and roll over times?

I’m noticing things are being pulled from the shops prior to their event ending time. A week ago, the Nobend Brothers glory pack was pulled at approximately 8 minutes prior to the end of week reset, leaving no pack available until the actual event roll over time. This week, I’ve noticed the Purple Traitstone pack 2 available earlier for the week is now gone with about 36 minutes left on the other cash shop weekly items. Possibly these packs are slated for a lesser amount of shop time to begin with, but I never really noticed. Prior to 2.0, I never really noticed any discrepancies, but I don’t think I’ve been in the shop screen just minutes before a reset, either. Is this the norm? If you are planning on getting a glory (or cash shop) item, how much extra time should you afford yourself to get your last second items?

UPDATE: Decided to wait until this week’s reset before posting so I could gather more data. The rest of the weekly shop item available minute counters were offset from the stated event end timer on the “news” page and the shop item times ran down approximately four minutes early according to this page. (at 6 mins to midnight PDT)

I then switched around screens until the event ended according to the news page. Immediately afterwards, the new weekly items became available for purchase in their respective shops, and the event chests rolled over. (2 mins before midnight PDT)

Daily roll over happened approximately 2 to 3 minutes later (just after midnight PDT, as expected). This may be slightly subjective, as the daily login check does not occur if you remain on the same screen, but I was constantly switching switching screens several times in the intervening time to get a more accurate read of when the refresh actually happened.

I am on Steam, and I updated the client and restarted the game minutes prior to performing any of these tests.