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πŸ™‹ ACTIVELY obsessed daily player looking for a Guild to join!

Hello all!! :wave: My names Meg & I’m searching for a High Ranked Guild to join.

Im currently at Lvl 215. And will always contribute 1500k Seals with a minimum 450k Gold & min 50+ Trophies weekly. I play daily & will always actively participate in ALL events. :+1::100::heart_eyes:

Still recruiting worthy players? Give me a chance & I promise to do whatever it takes to help your guild climb the ranks!! :pray:

Invite code: MANICM3G

The scubadivers have an opening so I’ll send you an invitation.
For lower ranked players we don’t have any gold requirements but we do expect participation in weekly events. If possible 1500 seals and if you are not able to play for a while leave a message so as not to lose your place in the guild.

Are you sure your invitecode is correct? I get a message that says β€œdoes not exist”
In case your code is correct, I wrote a message to support.

Hi Meg!
Madrina’s Marauders will have an opening in a couple of days if you’re still interested
We are an active, friendly, supportive guild.
Max seals, guild wars, and dividing your gold between our guild and your kingdoms
Discord optional.
This is a good guild full of great people, nobody quits.
We can help you learn and grow, and
it sounds like we’re a good fit for each other.
Let me know if you’re interested.