Active Top 10 Guild Recruiting (Tigerclaw)!

Since 2.0 has been released, there have been a ton of changes to the PvP system and therefore a ton of changes to the guild. So, without further ado:

Welcome to Tigerclaw

Ranked somewhere in the top 5-7 (it changes as there is some good competition right there)
Have a hatred for Paul Rudd and the rest of the Camp Firewood crew.
Are kinda good at this game and have been around for quite some time.

Be established in the game
Help plot against Camp Firewood
Steal @Jainus’s goats whenever possible.
Promise to not ask about the goat reference (I still don’t know how it got started).
Will not donate to maps or souls tasks.
Keep up with the guild for trophies and gold.

Two things you might have noticed. First is the part in bold, second is the lack of any hard numbers for contribution requirements.

I’m not going to set a minimum numbers for trophies and gold. We aren’t looking for the bare minimum.

Instead, the requirement is to keep up with the rest of the guild. There are a few people that bring in stupid amounts of trophies and gold since they are going for top 100 ranks. Im not asking you keep up with those people. But, when the majority of the guild is bringing in a couple hundred trophies a week per player and each player is donating around 500k, the expectation is that you will do the same. If the guild, as a whole, changes to either become more competitive or more relaxed, the numbers will change and so will the ‘requirements’.

As we have openings, I’ll make a quick post in this thread.


I’m looking for a new guild with stricter donating policies. I’m currently level 225 with all kingdoms maxed. I’m working on 3 stars for each kingdom now and I’m about halfway there. Please PM me when a spot opens up and I’ll leave my current guild for something more strict.


Looks like we got a slot or two opening up.

We have one slot open right now. Post here if you’re interested.

I’m lvl 343 and have been playing since mid March. My kingdoms are maxed, I’m a daily player and lvl 10 VIP. My current guild is lacking ambition :frowning:

Drop your guild, and post your invite code.

Thanks! Kayenne1970

Invite sent

i see you are 30/30 on the leaderboard right now. If you have a spot please message me.
Im lvl 191, half the kingdoms are max. (i was 170 last week to demonstrate my activity)
I am currnetly working on 2 new teams, but i can still donate a fair amount of gold everyweek, i have been playing everyday since i picked this game up.

Once again, if you have a spot open, please message me here and i will drop my guild, and give you my invite code.

How much gold per week are you currently donating? How many trophies are you earning per week?

100~ trophies, and 100k

Come Monday there will be a few slots available. Post here if interested.


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Alright, two spots are now open to folks that are interested.


I’m interested to join your guild
i’m level 46 for the moment. I really started the game last week end.
I made almost 200 trophies just for yesterday (in my actual guild)
I can give gold no problems
i’m a daily player
Invitation code : absolom91

thanks in advance

Thanks for the interest, but we are looking for folks that are higher level and have been around a bit longer.

Hi Pell. Lvl 335, very active. All my kingdoms are lvl 10 and I can easily contribute $500K per week. I’ve been top 100 pvp 3 times and while I won’t do that every week, I’m sure I can keep up with the trophy contributions of other members. My current guild is great, but just doesn’t have that many other high trophy players anymore.

Let me know if the spot is still available and I’ll leave my current guild.

Thanks for the consideration,


Drop your guild and post your invite code.

Done! LETHOLDUS ← Invite code.

Thank you!