Active Player with Deathknight Armor

Hi, I am new-ish to the game, but I play a lot everyday. I have deathknight armor and am looking for a guild that can 40k seal.

Come and check us out at The Unholy Family

Tired of a guild that does not do tasks? find yourself being the top earner and not getting 40K seals for chests on mythic weeks? Want to get some LEGENDARY TASKS?, if you play on PC / Mobile come and check out The Unholy Family, we are always accepting applicants and normally make moves on Mondays, We have the new GUILD FOR YOU, here is our discord come and check us out

The Unholy Family

How much can you donate? Is it 100k or rather 500k?

Estou buscando uma guild de alto desempenho e gostaria de me juntar a vocês. Sou um jogador dedicado e preciso aproveitar esse potencial em uma guild forte. Cumpro todos os requisitos para ser recrutado. 1k gold semanal/ 1500 selos/ 400 trofeus/ guild war semanal/ raid boss e invasão Envie e o convite para TIAGOTLJ_8RVD

Hi, Insozz.

I’m also curious for details.

How new are you? What do you figure you’d be able to contribute to a Guild? How are your Kingdoms doing? What level are ya’?