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Active player LF Guild

Hi, level 204 player here, looking for a guild that achieves max seals weekly, and as good a task completion as I can find given the fact that I don’t have a lot of gold to contribute while leveling kingdoms. I’ve been maxing personal seals almost every week since I started playing a couple of months ago, and I regularly participate in guild events (raids, wars, invasions).

If you have open spots and would like an active, max-seal member, please reply with your guardian levels, average weekly task completion, weekly seal requirements, typical event participation (raids, wars, invasions) and the requirements for membership.


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Hey there. This from my recruitment thread cut/pasted. If your interested let me know. We could make spot for you this sunday. If you want you can hang out in sister guild until then. We only going to have two spots in main guild so it’s first come first server to be fair to everyone. Everything maxed in Hunters 1. Hunters 2 however is literally just now rolling. I think we can work ya into 1 though. Hope talk to ya soon.

If you haven’t found a good fit yet… come check us out!

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