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Active player ( level 1253 ) looking for a new competitive home

level 1253 , ( french player )
Serious, with humor (always), singer on occasion ( melodious voice of course :roll_eyes: )

I offer you my services :

1500 / 2000 trophies on average per week
1500 seals
guild wars ( experience in bracket 1 / 2 )

I am looking for a competing and aggressive guild but fair play and fun tasks completed fully and 40k seals reached

thank you for your attention ,

interested ? ( or not ), leave me a message here or
private message and I will study your proposals ladies and gentlemen :wink:

see you soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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GoW name is Ash#Tag?

Yep , but my search is over, thank you for your interest dear friends of gow! good game :slight_smile:

hi we are 57 place in the classement do you want to come?

“Magix” (Ger/Eng) - rank 20- is recruiting. 40k sealchest, legendary tasks (req. 500k/300t/1350s/gw) If interested: https://discord.gg/GhTH9vh