Active player 300k/1500/100-150 looking for new guild :)[CLOSED]

Hello! if anyone has some space in their guild I’d love to join. I have 300-350k donated weekly, almost always 1500 seals, and 100 trophies a week at least, usually more.
I believe my invite code is LUNA 228

Ideally I’d like a guild with all tasks done and a 40k chest at the end of the week but I’ll look at everything :grinning:

Private message sent to you.

Our guild “we are one” is looking for 2 members.
We are level 103, rank 380 200% gold bonus and we are climbing fast.
Every week we are hitting 20000 seals and we are not too far to hit 40000
Any player is active even if we are a casual guild.
If you are interested, leave your current guild and I will invite you.
See you