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Active newbie Looking for Guild

Aight, im not gonna lie, im a noob, started playing this a couple days ago and are only level 53. Looking to join a active guild where I can hopefully learn to become a good player. I am very active as I play on both phone and pc. I am currently in a lvl 232 guild but would like to be part of a more active one, one with discord or some form of communication would be great. Oh, and I am located in norway so time zone is GMT if that matters.

Hey Pairak.

We may have just what you are looking for. A very active guild that has no requirements except collecting your seals. If you want to know more just send me a message on discord @ Jamieburke_2015#2736. We have a few spots available. No pressure, just message me and we can chat. If it’s a good fit we will bring you aboard. Thanks

Guild Leader of PreDominant

Ok, I had not expected the level of response I got to this, got multiple messages while I was sleeping.
I would like start with thanking everyone who contacted me, I truly feel good about the community of this game with this level of acceptance.
I have now accepted a invite, so I appologize to the others.

Again, thank you all allot.