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Active new player looking for a guild

hi, i just started playing 3 days ago, am level 92 atm, did pvp rank 1 last week and got the 1.5k seals for the random guild i joined

i grasp the basics of this game, farming for all the kingdoms atm and doing pvp for the money

i am looking for an active guild

i’d appreciate an invite HERA_EPHB

Hi - you need to leave your current guild first in order for us to send you and invite, but we’d be happy to have you if you’re interested. We’re a 3 year old casual guild with players from 1000, 900, 500 levels down to level 50. Only requirement is active play - two weeks with no seal contribution without notifying the Guild Master = kick. Our older players contribute the gold while you level up your kingdoms and contribute seals. We play Raid Boss and Invasion on a voluntary bases, not Guild Wars at the moment. Let me know if you’d like an invite after you click exit on your current guild. Welcome to the game!