Active lvl 700 something, looking for an active competitive guild

GrindianaJones is my invite code.

What kind of trophies can you pull per week? How much do you donate?

350k no problem, trophies I never really checked, but I’m guessing enough?
I’ve been skipping around recently because I can’t find a good guild

Love your character’s name! :wink:

But I have to know… is it:

“Grin”-diana Jones?


“Grind”-iana Jones?

Grin- went by grindian in school cuz I’m Greek and Indian lol

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I have to admit, in the context of GoW and the resource “grind” my initial interp was Grind-iana Jones!

Either way, great name and welcome to the forums! :wink:

sorry for the letdown ! But thanks!

Audles, the #25 ranked guild, has one slot open.