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Active guild needed (lvl. 219)

Hello guys! Looking for an active guild, appropriate to my level. Thanks for your offers!

The scubadivers have an opening.
For the moment rank 470 and level 265 (or there about)
No gold requirements for lower ranked players as they are still leveling up Kingdoms.
Participation in weekly events is expected, without need for buying sigils.

Can you tell us which level you are and if interested your invitecode.
See you soon in our merry bunch (perhaps) :vulcan_salute: :smiley: :wave:

It might be worth mentioning what you can do in a week (obviously excluding gold since you are levelling).

Even non-gold contributing players can be very attractive if you can do max seals and gain enough trophies :heart:

My level is 219. Invitecode MAX0K_KV9B

Ok, MaxOk :smile:, I’ve sended you an invite.
Thanks for choosing our Guild :slight_smile:

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Accepted! Thanks.