Active, Friendly Guild Looking For Members,,,

Edit: We are full.

The Elders are currently looking for two new members. We are an active, friendly, relaxed guild. We often collaborate in the in game chat with discussion of strategies for weekly events (optional Discord too, but it’s not as active as our in-game chat). We complete normal weekly tasks, and get 40k seals. If you’re new to the game and not in a active guild already, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the rewards you’ll get after joining a guild (keys, shards, gems, etc.).

Our requirements are 60k gold and 600 seals per week with no specific trophy requirement.

If you are a newer player, you don’t need to contribute any gold at first. If you have not leveled your kingdoms to 10 yet, you can focus on that before contributing. If you play even a moderate amount, then 600 seals should be no problem. 60k gold is nothing for mid to higher level players. Most of us voluntarily contribute much, much more gold than that to increase the rewards for all of us while still allowing a few new players who are leveling kingdoms the waiver on the gold requirement.

Also, if you’ve been in a hyper-competitive guild and need to scale back a bit for your mental and physical health, we just may be the right kind of guild for you. Moving to a middle-tier, relaxed guild may be exactly what you need to enjoy the game again rather than just grinding till you burnout.